Fighting against POLLUTION to Save Environment
 Investigation of Dead Fishes Near Gateway of India and Other Locations along the Coast of Mumbai During  Oct -  2005.
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 Report of Expert Committee for Environmental Improvement of Airoli Creek Bridge at Navi Mumbai.
  a. b. c. d. e.
10.  Report On Status Of Some Common Facilities For Collection, Treatment And Disposal Of Biomedical Waste In Maharashtra.
11.  Business Opportunities In Creation Of Infrastructure For Environment Protection In India
12.  Environmentally Sound Management Of Municipal Solid Waste In Pune: Policy Issues & Suggested Approach - 2014 – 2017
13. Report on Dispersion of pollutants in the Kundlika River at Arey Khurd Raigad District
14. Report on the Condition of 212 Containers of Hazardous Wastes Lying in JNPT Area and their Final Disposal, submitted to The Supreme Court of India, Feb 2014.
15. Field Guide to Mangrooves of Maharashtra by Lila Bhosale
16. Article on Suggested Revision in standards of Treatment of Domestic Sewage for Promotion of Waste-Water Recycling in India
17. Commissioned Paper on “Industrial Pollution” for Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, New Delhi, 2011.
18. Bioremediation of Sewage Disposal in the Kham River, at Aurangabad (Maharashtra) - November 2009

Note: During tenure of working in CPCB & MPCB, Dr. Boralkar Contributed in preparation of these Study Reports. Documents are available at CPCB & MPCB websites at the links mention above which are Kindly acknowledged.