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Municipal Solide Waste

1. Annual Report on Implementaion of MSW - (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000 for the State of Maharashtra
a.  2005-2006 b.  2006-2007.
2. Model Tender Documents for Municipal Solid Waste Management .
Status of ULB's with respect to MSW (M & H Rules 2000) in The State of Maharashtra.
  a. Abstract - Status in Maharashtra (As on 1st July, 2006).
  b. Regionwise Status :-
  1 Amravati 1 Nagpur 1 Mumbai
  1 Raigad 1 Nashik 1 Thane
  1 Pune 1 Navi-Mumbai 1 Kalyan
  1 Aurangabad 1 Kolhapur    
4. Order of Supreme Court on Management of Municipal Solid Waste, dated 5th Oct, 2004.
6. Role of Private Sector Partnership In MSW.
7. Guidelines for Citizens for Management of Municipal Solid Waste.
8. Integreated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) for Pune.
9.  Environmentally Sound Management Of Municipal Solid Waste In Pune: Policy Issues & Suggested Approach - 2014 – 2017
10. Dr Boralkar Presentation W2E_Delhi 21.8.2014
11. Model Tender Documents for Municipal Solid Waste Management
12. Affidavit on Behalf of MPCB, 24.09.2004
13. Supreme Court Order on Management of MSW, dated 5.10.2004
14. SC Recommendations for Modernization of MSW in Class-I cities in India
15. Suggested Approach for Application of Waste to Energy(Mass Burn) for Municipal Solid Waste Management at Pune, dated 28.10.2014

Note : During the tenure of Member Secretary of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (2003-2007) Dr. Boralkar initiated concerted action for enforcement of environmental regulations for management of municipal solid wastes in the State of Maharashtra. Such efforts were appreciated by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Reports and documents on this subject are available at MPCB website at the links mentioned above which are kindly acknowledged. MSW Rules are linked with website of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, New Delhi which are also acknowledged.