Fighting against POLLUTION to Save Environment

Dr. Dilip Boralkar has born at Parbhani (Maharashtra) on 8th June, 1953 to Shri Bhaskarrao and Sau. Shantabai Boralkar. The Boralkar family hails from the Borala village now in taluka & dist. Hingoli (Maharashtra). This area was earlier under Nizam State & became part of free India after Police Action in 1949.

Shri Bhaskarrao, the father, actively participated in Marathwada Mukti Sangram (Freedom struggle) at Hyderabad. Later he joined police services in Nizam State and then moved to Bombay Police (after Hyderabad Police Action) and then to Maharashtra Police Service and retired in May 1974. He was rewarded with police medal and appreciated for his distinguished service in the Police Department. He had spent peaceful and happy retired life at Aurangabad. He passed away in May 2006.

Sau Shantabai, the mother, had been house maker. She raised 3 sons and 3 daughters and looked after entire family matters and daily house hold chores. Her nature was liberal and progressive. Her inspiration and encouragement to the children was core in their growth and development. She passed away in March, 2000.

Dr. Dilip Boralkar married to Arundhati, daughter of Shri. Vasantrao Deshpande, Jalna, Maharashtra. Advocate by profession, Shri. Vasantrao Deshpande had been freedom fighter in Marathwada Mukti Sangram and well known for his dedicated Social Work in the field of Girls Education, Higher Education and Agriculture.

Shri Bhaskarrao and Sau Shantabai Boralkar
Sons Daughters
Dr. Dilip Boralkar Married to Aurndhati. Settled in Mumbai. (1 son)
Sau. Vijaya, Married to Shri Bhalchandra Nandanpawar, a lawyer. Settled in Garhchiroil (2 sons & 3 daughters).
Dr. Anil, M.D. (Physician). Married to Dr. Kalpana, M.D. (Gynaec.). Settled at Aurangabad. (1 son & 1 daughter)
Sau. Varsha. Married to Shri Vasant Tupekar, Recently retired as Chief Engineer (Electricity Board). Settled in Aurangabad. (3 daughters)
Shirish. B. Com., M.B.A. He is in Business. Married to Sushama. Settled in Aurangabad. (2 daughters)
Sau. Bharti. Married to Shri Madhav Kulkarni, now Executive Engineer (Electricity Board). Posted at Nashik. (2 daughters)

Dr. Dilip and Arundhati have a small family. The only child, Shri Varun Dilip Boralkar is (31) is qualified B.E. Mech. Eng. from Pune University. He also possesses M.Sc. (Environmental Management in Business) from University of Hertfordshire (U.K) and M.Sc. (Environmental Technology) from Lancaster University (U.K). Varun is married to Payal Gulwadi. She is M.Sc. in Food Science & Nutrition, from SNDT University, Pune. They are blessed with a daughter Aahana.

Varun is working at senior managerial position in private sector involved in the business of design, construction and O&M of waste management facilities and other infrastructure goods & services required for environment protection. Payal, is home maker and in her free time gets involved in auditing of food industry in terms of the good manufacturing practices, technology applications etc.

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