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Impact of autoexhaust lead pollution on vegetation in U.T. of Delhi :
Publication of Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi, No.EIAS/1/1985-86.

1. Introduction and Objective 1
2. Findings and Further Work 4
3. Experimental Arrangements 5
4. Lead in Roadside Ambient Air 12
5.        Lead in Soil 17
6.        Lead in Vegetation 19
         Bibliography 25
         Annexures I to VI 26-31

The autoexhaust emissions from about one million vehicles in Delhi city are of a major concern today. The number of petrol driven vehicles is far greater than the diesel vehicles. Lead added in the petrol to improve its antiknock property is emitted as the particulate matter. Road side vegetation and soil are the immediate receptors of autoexhaust lead emissions.

In order to assess the extent of autoexhaust lead pollution and study its impact on the road side vegetation in Delhi city Central Pollution Control Board has taken up studies systematically over a period of time. The present report deals with the studies carried out from January, 1984 to June, 1985, covering (i) assessment of traffic volume (ii) ambient air quality monitoring and (iii) impact assessment of plant species exposed at selected traffic intersections in the city.

The planning, coordination and implementation of the field and laboratory programme of the project was done by Dr. D.B. Boralkar, Scientist 'B' of the Air Pollution Control Cell with the support of a team comprising Shri S.K. Tyagi, J.S.A, Shri S.B. Singh, J.S.A. (upto December 1984), Shri N. Singh, F.A., Shri Mirajuddin, F.A., and Shri Amar Singh, Attendant. More than 20 persons ranging from A.E.Es to Attendants and Drivers assisted in traffic census conducted thrice in 1984 and monthly air quality monitoring. Their efforts are acknowledged.

Dr. B. Segupta and S.K. Ghosh, Scientist 'Cs' of Air Pollution Control Cell helped throughout in planning and coordination of the work. Useful suggestions and guidance of Shri N. Bagchi, S.E.E of Central Board and Prof. C.K. Varshney of J.N.U, New Delhi are also acknowledged. The statistical analyses were done by Dr. D.P. Mukhopadhyay, J.S.A under the guidance of Dr. M.N. Das, Consultant (Statistics). Shri Inder Raj Malhotra, Officer on Special Duty, guided in getting the enclosures and sign boards built at the traffic intersections. The help received from Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Public Works Department of Delhi Administration, Delhi Electric Supply Undertaking and National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi are gratefully acknowledged.

This report prepared by Dr. D.B. Boralkar has been typed by Shri M.R.C. Pillai, L.D.C and drawings prepared by Mrs. B. Basu.

27th November, 1985

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