Fighting against POLLUTION to Save Environment
Contributions of Dr. D. B. Boralkar in the field of Hazardous Waste Management

 2. At Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, 2003-2007 :
  • Dr. D.B. Boralkar while posted as Member Secretary of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Mumbai, during 1996-2003 was Chief Executive Officer of MPCB responsible for enforcement of pollution control and other environmental protection regulations in the State of Maharashtra. This inter-alia included enforcement and management of hazardous management :

  • Member of the Monitoring Committee appointed by the Supreme Court of India for implementation of directions issued vide order dated 14.10.2003, in the matter of CWP 657 of 1995. (2003-2007)

  • Chairman of Sub Committee on Gujarat appointed by the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee for implementation of directions issued vide order dated 14.10.2003, in the matter of CWP 657 of 1995. (2005-2007)

  • Member of National Committee on Electronic Waste Management, Central Pollution Control Board. (2005-2007)

  • Member of Special Committee appointed by the Government of Maharashtra for considering State of Maharashtra as Plastic bag free area. Nov. – Dec. 2005.

  • Member of Empowered Committee for Mithi River Development and Protection Authority, 2005-2007.

  • Chairman of the Expert Group on Electronic Waste Management in Maharashtra during 2006 – 2007.

  • Member of Peer and Core Expert Committee on Development of Effluent and Emission Standards, CPCB. (2005-2007)


  • Guidelines for operation and maintenance of effluent treatment plants. November, 2004. (MPCB Publication)

  • Guidelines for Citizens for Management of Municipal Solid Wastes (English and Marathi): (MPCB Publication) November, 2005.

  • Guidelines for management and handling of mycelium wastes from bulk drug industry. (MPCB Publication) December, 2005

  • Report on Mithi River Water Pollution and Recommendations for its control. (MPCB Publication), July, 2004

  • Report on Pollution Study of Mithi River Basin. (MPCB Publication), June, 2006

  • Suggested approach for disposal of excreta and other waste from poultry farms affected due to Bird Flue (MPCB Publication)

  • Report on Status of pollution control in Slaughter Houses in Mumbai. (MPCB Publication), 2006

  • Strategic Action Plan for Maharashtra Pollution Control Board under Asian Development Bank Project: TA-Cluster for Environmental Management at the State level - Strategic Action Planning for the Pollution Control Boards in India. (MPCB Publication)

  • Report on Recycling of Waste Oil: Prevalent Practices and Technology Requirement, July, 2006. (MPCB Publication)

  • Report on Assessment on Status of Soil, Plant and Groundwater following Land Disposal of Industrial Waste water at MIDC, Butiburi: July, 2006. (MPCB Publication)


  • Member of CII-CIDA sponsored Policy Mission to visit Canada regarding National Environment Policy and issues related to CDM during April 4-12, 2005. Delegation was led by Additional Secretary, MoEF, New Delhi.

  • Delegate to 6th International Urban Air Quality Forum, Indianapolis, Indiana and Consultative Meetings with the US Environment Protection Agency at Washington, June 22-28, 2004.

  • Delegate to 7th International Urban Air Quality Forum, Menniapolis, and Consultative Meetings with the US Environment Protection Agency at Washington, June 22-30, 2005.

  • Delegate to Advancing Environmental Compliance and Enforcement in Asia (AECEN) Regional Forum 2006 at Hanoi, Vietnam on 4-5 December, 2006

  • Delegate to BAQ – 2006 held at Yogakarta, Indonesia from December 13 to December 15, 2006

  • Participation in 4th International Environment Exhibition and Conference at Abu-Dhabi from 28th to 31st January, 2007.


  • Assessment of Electronic Wastes in Mumbai Pune Area was completed during 2006-07. This project was financially supported by UNEP and MPCB.

 3. Awards & Appreciations

  • US-AEP Asia Environmental Partnership Environmental Leadership Award to Dr. Dilip B. Boralkar, Member Secretary, MPCB, Mumbai, in 2005.

  • Dr. G. Thyagarajan, Chairman of Supreme Court Monitoring Committee for implementation of directions issued vide its order dated 14.10.2003, in the matter of CWP 657 of 1995 regarding management of hazardous wastes in his letter dated 2.8.2004 addressed to Shri A.K. Mago, IAS, Chief Secretary of Maharashtra State observed that “We appreciate the strong and exemplary action by your State to streamline the enforcement of HW Rules and compliance of Court directions in the right earnest.”

  • Supreme Court of India in its Order dated 4.10.2004 in the matter of WP [C] No. 888/1996 regarding management of municipal solid wastes, observed that “Unless each state creates a focused “Solid Waste Management Cell” and rewards its cities for good performance, both of which Maharashtra has done, compliance with MSW Rules seems to be an illusion”.

 4. During 2007-2011 :

  • After completion of tenure at MPCB, Dr. Boralkar joined CPCB on 1.6.2007. Then proceeded on long leave and took voluntary retirement w.e.f. 19.11.2008. Since then Dr. Boralkar is Free Lance Senior Scientist and independent counsel for environmental protection.

  • Dr. Boralkar has been the Expert Member of the Consultative Group of Planning Commission of India for Environment, Forests and Wildlife Sector for the 11th Five Year Plan Mid Term Appraisal Consultative Group (E&F) during the year 2009.

  • In July,2010, Dr. Boralkar was invitedby Shri Jairam Ramesh, Union Minister of State (I/c) Environment & Forests to Peer Review of the Report by NEERI on “Decontamination and Remediation of Union Carbide Plant Site in Bhopal.”

  • In order to achieve the goals the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel of MoEF headed by Prof. MadhavGadgil, Dr. Boralkar was commissioned as an Expert to prepare a paper on the theme “Industrial Pollution.“ This paper is uploaded on the website in January 2011:

 5. 2012 Onwards: