Fighting against POLLUTION to Save Environment
Table 1

Statistics indicating improved performance of MPCB during the tenure of Dr. D.B. Boralkar as Member Secretary (Nov., 2003 - May, 2007)

Areas of Action Year 2003-2004 Year 2006-2007
Discharge of Industrial water pollution in terms of  COD
105,370 MT 29,000 MT (72.5%reduction)
Industrial Hazardous Waste removed*
15,000 MT 406,683 MT
Hospital Waste removed*
375 MT 20,682 MT
Samples analyzed (Air / Water / Haz. Waste)
23,582 28,000
Surveillance & Monitoring visits
16,172 21,000
Air Quality Monitoring stations
28 Nos. 72 Nos
1 Nos. 7 Nos.
Water Quality Monitoring Stations
38 Nos. 383 Nos.
Demonstration projects
on pollution control
Municipal waste
None 5
Biomedical waste
None 1
Environmental Improvement
None 2
Innovative technology
None 2
Consents granted from Head Office under Water / Air / HW
1866 Nos. 3477 Nos.
Authorizations issued to local bodies under MSW Rules
74 Nos. 248 Nos.
Authorizations issued under Bio-medical Waste Rules
1639 Nos. 8639 Nos.
Units covered under CESS Act
5684 Nos. 7586 Nos.
Revenue generated
Rs. 22 cr Rs. 107 cr.
None 3
Hon’ble High Court / Supreme Court Appreciations
None 5
Foreign Trainings / Participation
None 16
Publications of Scientific Reports
None 34
* Cumulative figures

Table 2
Research & Development Activities

  1. Coastal water monitoring from Tarapur to Ratnagiri.

  2. Rapid Assessment of E-waste generation in Mumbai and Pune region supported by United Nations Environment Programme.

  3. US EPA Health and Air Qulaity Linkages using BENMAP studies.

  4. Collaboration with NEERI, Mumbai for collation of data on air quality.

  5. and health effects in Mumbai Collaboration with US EPA for Urban Air Quality Studies at Pune.

  6. Collaboration with the World Bank Institute for Air Quality Improvement at Pune.

  7. Monitoring of noise pollution at 12 cities & 160 locations during Ganesh Festival and 12 cities &115 locations during Diwali, 2006.

  8. Bio-monitoring of Goadavari river and Krishna river.

  9. Survey Report on Compliance of Environmental Standards by distilleries in Maharashtra.

  10. Survey of CREP compliance by pesticide industries in Raigad region.

  11. Report on Steel Re-rolling Mills at Jalna.

  12. Occurrence of saline water in Mahim bay in August, 2006.

  13. Collaboration with Asian Development Bank for development of “Strategic Action Plan for MPCB”.

  14. Collaborative project of CPCB under Indo Canadian Cooperation regarding preparation of Indian Register for Potentially Toxic / Hazardous Chemicals.

  15. CPCB-MPCB project on preparation of Zoning Atlas for Siting of Industries. (ZASI) based on environmental consideration.

  16. Measurements of Benzene, Toluene and Xylene (BTX) in ambient air at Mumbai.